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Category Archives: animation

Be Surprised

Be Surprised (2009, 1.6 MB, 12 secs) Dance credits as in other dance videos.

Dancing in the Street

Dancing in the street (2009, 3.1 MB, 7 sec loop) Thanks to Nathan. Dance credits as in other dance videos.

City Apart

City Apart (2009, 3.1 MB, 13 secs) City Apart 2 (2009, 704KB, 6 secs) City Apart 3 (2009, 4.1MB, 11 secs) City Apart 3 (2009, 4.1MB, 11 secs) Using a city built in SketchUp I took screen shots around the landscape. I filmed myself and edited each frame to make myself look a part of […]

Urban Dance

Urban Dance (2009, 14.3 MB, 31 secs) With thanks to Carl, Danielle, Laura, Michael, Rachel and Zandra.

Shadow Dance

Shadow Dance (2009, 15MB, 7 secs loop) An animation.

Untitled Movie

Untitled (2009, 13.1MB, 19 secs) made by Rebecca, Andrew, Nathan, Josh, Graeme, Chloe, Matthew, Peter, Nicola (we not sure that’s everyone -if you participated and you’re not listed post a comment please!)

Distracted Images

( 2009, 30 sec loop, 11.8MB)

P is for Peter

P is for Peter (2009, 10.6 MB, 30 secs)


21st (2009, 13.6MB, 30 sec )

Playing Random

Playing Random (2009, 13.7MB, 30 secs)

Trippy Mix

Trippy Mix (2009, 12.4MB, 30 secs) Abstract test piece.

Abstract Piece

Abstract Piece (2009, 10.9MB, 24secs) My first piece of animated abstract art. Warning: contains flashing imagery.

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory (2009, 13.6MB, 30 secs) An abstract animation.


Splash (2009, 7 MB, 30 sec) I have constructed this abstract animation, experimenting with movement, and colour variations.


Loop (2009, 13.1MB, 30 sec )

Capture the Light

Capture the Light, 2009, 17 sec loop, 20.6MB)

The Invisible Thief

The Invisible Thief (2008, 4.6 MB, 8 secs, silent)

Le Chantier

Le Chantier (2008, 13.4MB, 30 secs) Pour cette animation de chantier, j’ai utilisé les jouets en lego, en créant des images de dessin animé. Et je l’ai nommé ‘Le Chantier’. Cette idée m’a inspiré en regardant ma petite fille qui adore de jouer avec les legos, alors j’ai pris l’idée d’utiliser ça dans mon projet […]


Angst (2008, 8 MB, 16 sec, silent)

Frank: The Movie

Frank: The Movie (2008, 7.23MB, 11 secs, silent) This is a story of my painting, Frank. He has been deconstructed and re-imagined by other artists, and is now an entirely new Frank: The Movie.

H Chair

H Chair (2008, 6.4 MB, 14 sec loop, silent) I have constructed this animation, experimenting with movement, and colour variations to create this symmetrical rave like atmosphere.

Eye, Nose, Mouth

Eye, Nose, Mouth (2008, 12.4MB, 33 secs) A self portrait animation.