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Category Archives: video

Dancing in the Street

Dancing in the street (2009, 3.1 MB, 7 sec loop) Thanks to Nathan. Dance credits as in other dance videos.

City Apart

City Apart (2009, 3.1 MB, 13 secs) City Apart 2 (2009, 704KB, 6 secs) City Apart 3 (2009, 4.1MB, 11 secs) City Apart 3 (2009, 4.1MB, 11 secs) Using a city built in SketchUp I took screen shots around the landscape. I filmed myself and edited each frame to make myself look a part of […]

Shadow Dances

Shadow Dance Solo (2009, 9.8MB, 55 secs ) A short film observing the shadows of a solo dance. Shadow Dance Duet (2009, 17.7MB, 1.32 secs ) A short film observing the shadows of a duet dance. Credits as for other dance pieces.


3D (2009, 52.1MB, 1:42 ) Dance credits as below.


Fire 1 (2009, 22.5MB, 57 secs ) A Lumière observing the movement and light patterns in a fire. Fire 2 (2009, 12.1MB, 57 secs ) A Lumière using Fire 1 projected onto balloons. Fire 3 (2009, 9.3MB, 49 secs ) A Lumière created by projecting Fire 1 onto a balloon and flipped upside down. Fire […]

The Love of Dance

the love of dance(2008, 25.6MB, 1:00 min, silent) Credits as for other dance videos


Library (2009, 20MB, 47 secs, silent ) Lumière.

Danse et Vitesse

Danse et Vitesse (2009, 14.3 MB, 38 sec loop)   La Danse ça fait partie de ma passion, en créant ces images j’ai voulais just, faire une comparaison entre les images réelle du monde visible a l’ombre. La danse ces ma passion…       Dancing is one of my passions. In creating these images I wanted to make a […]


Eye (2009, 95.1MB, 3:11 min) A short video observing my own eye.

I Wish I Was Deaf

I Wish I Was Deaf (2009, 127.6MB, 4:56 min)

Urban Dance

Urban Dance (2009, 14.3 MB, 31 secs) With thanks to Carl, Danielle, Laura, Michael, Rachel and Zandra.

Forgotten Memories

Forgotten Memories (2009, 41.9MB, 1:32 min) With thanks to the Northern Regional Film & Television Archive. The images and soundtrack used in this production were from “Helena’s Life” and “Children’s Games”


Gaza (2009, 92.4MB, 3:07 min) Song by Michael Heart.

Liquid Dance

Liquid Dance (2009, 192.2 MB, 5:55min) In this abstract video I filmed the group of dance students using a range of different appliances to distort the visuals. Then using video editing software I was able to manipulate the colour scheme and add video effects to enhance the imagery. I also added a sound track where […]

Bird’s Eye View

Bird’s Eye View (2009, 34.4MB, 1.21 secs ) A short video observing the shadows of the people below.


Doors (2009, 15.6MB, 36 secs ) Lumière, observing the shadows of moving doors.


Bird (2009, 15.6MB, 36 secs ) Lumière, observing reflections.


Wall (2009, 17.9MB, 42 secs ) Lumière, observing shadows on a wall.

Shadow Dance

Shadow Dance (2009, 15MB, 7 secs loop) An animation.

Six Lumières

one (2009, 22.1MB, 60 secs) two (2009, 16.3MB, 38 secs) three (2009, 17.7MB, 40 secs) four (2009, 22.1MB, 50 secs) five (2009, 17.2MB, 40 secs) six (2009, 10.2MB, 28 secs) Six Lumières Here I have created six Lumières that are all run in a game engine. I decided to explore different ways of using the […]

Two Lumières

Part 1 (2009, 23.9MB, 56 secs, silent) Plugged in, switched on, working together (2009, 25MB, 58 secs, silent) Lumière

Distracted Images

( 2009, 30 sec loop, 11.8MB)

P is for Peter

P is for Peter (2009, 10.6 MB, 30 secs)