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Category Archives: abstract

City Apart

City Apart (2009, 3.1 MB, 13 secs) City Apart 2 (2009, 704KB, 6 secs) City Apart 3 (2009, 4.1MB, 11 secs) City Apart 3 (2009, 4.1MB, 11 secs) Using a city built in SketchUp I took screen shots around the landscape. I filmed myself and edited each frame to make myself look a part of […]


Fire 1 (2009, 22.5MB, 57 secs ) A Lumière observing the movement and light patterns in a fire. Fire 2 (2009, 12.1MB, 57 secs ) A Lumière using Fire 1 projected onto balloons. Fire 3 (2009, 9.3MB, 49 secs ) A Lumière created by projecting Fire 1 onto a balloon and flipped upside down. Fire […]

The Love of Dance

the love of dance(2008, 25.6MB, 1:00 min, silent) Credits as for other dance videos

Liquid Dance

Liquid Dance (2009, 192.2 MB, 5:55min) In this abstract video I filmed the group of dance students using a range of different appliances to distort the visuals. Then using video editing software I was able to manipulate the colour scheme and add video effects to enhance the imagery. I also added a sound track where […]


Doors (2009, 15.6MB, 36 secs ) Lumière, observing the shadows of moving doors.

Distracted Images

( 2009, 30 sec loop, 11.8MB)

P is for Peter

P is for Peter (2009, 10.6 MB, 30 secs)


21st (2009, 13.6MB, 30 sec )

Playing Random

Playing Random (2009, 13.7MB, 30 secs)

Trippy Mix

Trippy Mix (2009, 12.4MB, 30 secs) Abstract test piece.

Abstract Piece

Abstract Piece (2009, 10.9MB, 24secs) My first piece of animated abstract art. Warning: contains flashing imagery.

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory (2009, 13.6MB, 30 secs) An abstract animation.


Splash (2009, 7 MB, 30 sec) I have constructed this abstract animation, experimenting with movement, and colour variations.


Loop (2009, 13.1MB, 30 sec )

Capture the Light

Capture the Light, 2009, 17 sec loop, 20.6MB)

The Dance

The Dance (2008, 25.7MB, 1:00 min) Lumière