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Six Lumières

one (2009, 22.1MB, 60 secs)

two (2009, 16.3MB, 38 secs)

three (2009, 17.7MB, 40 secs)

four (2009, 22.1MB, 50 secs)

five (2009, 17.2MB, 40 secs)

six (2009, 10.2MB, 28 secs)

Six Lumières

Here I have created six Lumières that are all run in a game engine. I decided to explore different ways of using the lumière concept and this was one of the ideas, exploring the contrast between reality and virtual reality. Here I took the source and projected it on to a wall then using a flip camcorder I recorded the footage off the wall that it was projected on, creating a washed out colour filter that also blends the virtual visual aspects of the video.

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